WE'RE Dedicated to providing quality hardscape and landscape services

we know what it takes to both create and maintain the exact look and feel you have in mind for your outdoor living space or commercial property. With our services and expertise we can turn your idea into something real.

Landscape Services

  • Weekly Landscape Maintenance

  • Landscaping Clean Up

  • Sod/Seeding

  • Landscape Design

  • ...and MORE

The steps to make it happen.

1. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

2. Review proposal sent to you by an SG Hardscapes contractor.

3. Reach out to us with any questions or change requests.

4. Finalize proposal/contract and sign.

5. Schedule start date for project and provide deposit.*

6. Begin and complete work on project.

7. Submit final payment.*

  • We're dedicated to mastering the art of landscaping and hardscaping. You supply the vision, and we'll do the rest.

*Does not apply to seasonal maintenance work.

Hardscape Services: (847) 343-8723

Landscape Services: (224) 355-5511


Dream. Design. Deliver.

"We want to understand what our clients want and we do our best to make it happen." -- Sal gonzalez

Hardscape Services

  • Driveways

  • Patios

  • Walkways

  • Steps/Stoops

  • ...and MORE